Steampunk Soundtrack

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# Artist Track Album Label Year
SteampunkSoundtrack/1Abney Park Airship Pirate Lost Horizons Post-Apocalypse Records 2008
SteampunkSoundtrack/2Vernian Process Behold The Machine Behold The Machine Not on Label 2009
SteampunkSoundtrack/3Unextraordinary Gentlemen Mr. Soot's Little Black Book 5 Tales From God-Only-Knows Not on Label 2007
SteampunkSoundtrack/4Vagabond Opera Milord The Zeitgeist Beckons Vagabond Opera 2009
SteampunkSoundtrack/5Rasputina The New Zero How We Quit The Forest Columbia 1998
SteampunkSoundtrack/6The Peculiar Pretzelmen Gone To Jericho Uncanny Eyes The Peculiar Pretzelmen 2007
SteampunkSoundtrack/7Skeleton Key The World's Most Famous Undertaker Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon Capitol Records 1997
SteampunkSoundtrack/8The Decemberists The Hazards Of Love The Hazards Of Love Capitol Records 2009
SteampunkSoundtrack/9The Birthday Massacre Looking Glass Looking Glass Metropolis 2008
SteampunkSoundtrack/10The Dresden Dolls Coin-Operated Boy The Dresden Dolls 8ft. Records 2003
SteampunkSoundtrack/11Johnny Hollow Alchemy Dirty Hands Orange Record Label 2008
SteampunkSoundtrack/12Beat Circus Boy From Black Mountain Boy From Black Mountain Cuneiform Records 2009
SteampunkSoundtrack/13Bat For Lashes Horse And I Fur and Gold Echo 2006